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Back and Side Sets

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Sizes of materials are approximate. Click on the image to see an enlarged view of the set. All items that appear on this page are currently available.

Brazilian Rosewood Sets

D set (Back 8 1/2" x 21 7/8 x 0.090"
Side 4 3/4" x 30 5/8" x 0.140")
Price: $900

D set (Back 8" x 20 3/4 x 0.100"
Side 5 1/4"-4 3/4" x 30 5/8" x 0.075")
Price: $800

D set (Back 8 1/4" x 22 7/8 x 0.085"
Side 6 3/4"-5 9/16" x 31 3/16" x 0.085")
Price: $700

(Possible D)/000 set (Back 7 7/8" x 22 7/8" x 0.140"
Side 4 13/16" x 30 7/8" x 0.125"-0.090")
Price: $650

OM/000 set (Back 7 7/8" x 20 7/8" x 0.140"
Side 4 1/2" x 32 1/4" x 0.200")
Price: $600

00 set (Back 7" x 20 1/4" x 0.170"
Side 4 x 32 1/2" x 0.135")
Price: $500

00 set (Back 7 1/4" x 21 3/4" x 0.130"
Side 4 1/4" x 21 3/4" x 0.130")
Price: $400

Madagascar Rosewood Sets

D set ( Back 8" x 24 1/8" x 0.175"
Side 4 7/8" 35 1/8" x 0.185")
Price: $450

D/Jumbo set (Back 8 7/8" x 24 1/8" x 0.175"
Side 6" x 36 7/16" x 0.140")
Price: $480

Garnut Guitars For Sale

Garnut Guitars backs, sides, tops, necks, fretboards, and bridges are handmade/handcrafted from solid wood. Backs & sides are made from various varieties of rosewood (Brazilian, Madagascar, Amazon, Panama, Honduran, Cocobolo) as well as mahogany, Malaysian blackwood, and other popular tonewoods. Tops and internal bracing are made from different varieties of spruce (including Adirondack, European, Engelmann, Sitka). Necks are ordinarily carved from a single piece of mahogany. Fretboards and bridges are ebony. Bindings, purfling, and rosettes are usually made from wood (such as maple, ebony, koa, rosewood), but may also be made from wood fiber, ivoroid, or faux tortoise. Standard tuners are Grover StaTite vintage style. Garnut Guitars have excellent tone and playability. Please note The images on this web site are accurate, yet I do not represent the guitars as being "perfect wood art" (such as one expects from an instrument sold by a major guitar manufacturer). They are priced accordingly.

There is a related builder's full inventory page that includes other used or demo guitars that are not explicitly listed for sale on the page you are currently viewing. This full inventory also includes guitars that were built for the builder's personal use. Inquiries are welcomed about any guitar in the full inventory.

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New Garnut Guitars

New guitars may be returned within 48 hours if they are not satisfactory. They are delivered with a new, hardshell case and a warranty.
Slothead 00

12-fret 000
Honduran Rosewood
European Spruce

List: $1950
(with hardshell case)

Garnut Guitar Demos

Demo guitars have never been sold, but have at least some play wear. They are discounted from the list price (hardshell case is optional), and then offered with a limited, 30 day warranty.

Slothead 000

12-fret 000
Amazon Rosewood
Adirondack Spruce

Demo (limited warranty)
List: $2850 $2500 (without hardshell case)

Used Garnut Guitars

Used guitars have been purchased by a person, but have come back to Garnut Guitars, e.g., by trade-in, because the neck profile was not what the buyer was expecting, etc. If there was a problem with the guitar, it was addressed before it was offered as a used guitar. Used guitars do not include any warranty and are offered without a case (although a case can be added as an option)


Malaysian Blackwood
European Spruce

USED (no warranty)
List: $1950 $1500 (without hardshell case)
Slothead 000

12-fret 000

USED (no warranty)
List: $1850 $949
(without hardshell case)

Climate Change and Lightly-built Wood Instruments
Garnut guitars are made with light spruce bracing in a very dry climate, in a shop environment that is humidified to about 30% year-round. If a guitar is shipped to a more humid climate it must initially be kept in a dehumidifed environment, then gradually introduced to the local climate to avoid the wood swelling, warping, etc. If the guitar is shipped to a climate that is drier than 30%, the guitar must be kept in a humidified environment until it adjusts to the local humidity to avoid cracking and related problems.

Boulder, Colorado

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